How To Display Google Reviews On Websites?

How can you enhance the advocacy of your brand? Is there anything that will help you in building brand recognition effortlessly? Any way in which you can easily gather the trust of the audience?

The answer to all these queries and more is to display Google reviews on the website.

Google is the first place people go to before trying out anything new. When they come across your business and the reviews of your website, they will be hooked to know more about your brand and might also recommend it to their friends and family.

But having reviews on Google isn’t just enough! To be able to maximize brand reach and growth, the best option you’d want to look out for is, adding these user reviews to your website. Keep reading to know everything about this smart strategy!

The Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On Websites

1.   Builds Easy Trust

The most important aspect of doing business online is to gain the trust of the users. By embedding reviews on the website, you can easily win users’ trust and easily boost the credibility of your business.

Google reviews are genuine and can better inspire and educate prospects about your brands.

2.   Attracts & Engages The Visitors

Attracting audiences’ attention and keeping them engaged with your website is a cumbersome task because their span of attention has reduced drastically.

Here, by showcasing Google reviews you can easily keep the audience engaged and wanting to know more about the brand and its deliverables.

Embedding Google reviews with product visuals will encourage the visitors to spend more time on the website, thus, working up your website’s dwell time and SERP standings too.

3.   Improves The Look Of Your Website

By embedding Google reviews into your website you can instantly give your website a new look and feel altogether.

Having a plain-sailing, dull site is the last thing that you’d want for your business as it might result in a massive loss of business. Enhance its appeal by embedding Google reviews and awe-inspired your visitor’s attention.

4.   Enhances Conversions

Winning conversions is the end goal of business operating in any industry. By showcasing Google reviews on websites, brands are able to unlock more attention, engagement, and hence sales.

Further, by word-of-mouth marketing, you can reach out to and inspire more people while unlocking enhanced sales ultimately.

How Can You Display Google Reviews On a Website?

There are two ways in which you can embed Google reviews on your website.

1.   Self-Embed Method

Google reviews are an essential part of any website. To be able to win the trust of the visitors, let your existing users share their experience with others online. Read ahead to figure out the ways in which you can embed Google reviews into your website.

  • Sign in to the Google account controlling your business listing.
  • Load your Google+ business page.
  • Click the share icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the review.
  • Click the options arrow in the top right corner of the shared post.
  • Choose “Embed Post” from this menu.
  • Copy the Header code.
  • Open the review page of your website in your preferred editor.
  • Paste the header code between the <head></head> HTML tags on this page.
  • Copy the Content code.
  • Paste this code wherever you want to display the review.

2.   Google Reviews Widget

Choose social media aggregators that align with the Google API and its algorithm. These tools are able to fetch all customer reviews from your Google Places and Google Maps locations.

Using social media aggregators, you can add Google reviews and testimonials to your business page and your website visitors and potential customers can check all the reviews at a single place i.e., your website in no time.

Choose social media aggregators like Taggbox Widget and Tagembed to collect reviews generated on Google pertaining to your business.

Create your account, choose the preferred platform like Google and connect your Google My Business account to the chosen platform.

Next, create your widget, moderate it, and customize it to maximize its efficacy. As the last step, copy and paste the generated widget code on your website.

There you have it – a fancy widget of your Google reviews.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

92% of the people go through reviews before visiting a store, which makes it all the more important for businesses across industries to incorporate reviews given by the users, employees, and fans of the brand onto the website.

Social media aggregators like Taggbox widget and Tagemed are leading on this front and making the customers’ voices heard amid the noise. And as we might just agree, users are the heroes telling the brand’s story!

Make your marketing strategy stand-out by embedding Google reviews on the website in the aforementioned way to reap the amazing benefits it has to offer!