How Each Google Core Update can affect your Site Differently?

Have noticed, what important update is given by John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst of Google?

If not, then read here.

According to John Mueller of Google, whenever Google pushes out new update, it has its unique effect on your site. What this means to say is that different Google core updates can impact differently.

Concerning the above, Google has already thrown a triple whammy in June & July 2021. That is long-awaited Core Web Vitals and two core algorithm updates that already affected your ranking.

If you are thinking about what will happen next to platform’s ranking despite having best SEO company service in place. In that case, we have something for you and that is to evaluate your Google’s core update.

Although, this cannot save your site from getting affected due to the latest core updates. Still, you will get to know which ranking factors be tweaked when each core update is released.

Follow the Steps Evaluate Google’s Core Update on your Website

Here, we have few steps to evaluate Google’s core update without getting in the dark position.

#Step 1: Check Website’s Performance During Rollout

One thing is sure that Google announces core updates frequently. The updates are always ahead of time. You will get time to prepare for that well in advance. In general, there will be two weeks of time to experience the final rollout. All that means you have time to evaluate the site’s traffic before and after to compare.

The simple evaluation way is to use Google Analytics. Check out the traffic reports every day till the final day of rollout. It will help you experience less damage when the rollout comes finally at the end.

#Step 2: Look for the Seasonal Changes

This step is most important for eCommerce businesses. There are instances when Google’s core update happen when your enterprise season is slow or its peak. At such times, you need to rule out seasonal changes to get a clear picture of sales.

For example, if you have an eCommerce business of stationery supplies. During the summer update, you tend to find higher web traffic, more conversion, and sales. Therefore, core update does affect but enhance your business to an optimum level.

On the other side, if the impact is in a negative way, then monitor the performance weekly, monthly, and yearly. Once done, compare the traffic change from previous summer to this summer. This provides you with an indication of what changes Google core updates have brought to your e-retail business.

#Step 3: Understand the Search Intent

A slight drop in the website traffic after the core update does not make any big difference. Sometimes Google uses updates to clean up your search intent on irrelevant keywords.

* Cleaning Irrelevant Keywords: Core update can help in removing the searches on not so important web pages of your site. It further helps to clean up irrelevant keywords.

* Reducing Irrelevant Queries: Searches on irrelevant pages can be ruled out after the core update. This in turn helps to receive ranking and queries on important pages.

* Reducing Unnecessary Webpages: Unrelated core updates can remove the search intent on unimportant webpages as well. This will help to shift the traffic and search focus towards the main pages of your platform.

Things to Do When Organic Performance Drops After Core Update

* Check Search Patterns with Google Search Console: Get access to Google Search Console, soon after the traffic drops. It is to see where the changes exactly came from. Also, see the pattern of page types or keywords buckets that have dropped instantly after the update.

* Revamp your SEO Strategy: Sometimes, not all Google core updates are obvious. There are times when it is difficult to identify the technical SEO loopholes. In such an instance, you are left with no option but to rely on the efforts of the best SEO service company in India. The team of technical SEO professionals will help your ranking get back on track after a significant amount of time.

* Connect Panguin Tool to Google Analytics: Add a free Panguin tool to your site’s Google Analytics to see the performance. The tool helps to compare the site’s functionality and overlay Google’s updates on your performance data. You can use this user-friendly plugin all by yourself without any assistance required.


No one can predict the rollout of the update by Google. There is no strict timeline and schedule of the updates. Once rolled out, then it will have an adverse or positive impact on all sites.

Thinking about your site’s performance, then rely on the professional efficiency of an SEO service provider. Check the site’s traffic, evaluate performance, track changes, and do more to retain the results.

What are you waiting for? Start getting updates on Google core and get ready for the futuristic changes.