How does Samsung Trade in Work?

So, how does Samsung trade-in work? Here’s how to do that, as well as what you’ll need to do if you’re upgrading your Samsung.

What is a Trade-in Program, and how does it work?

Simply said, the Samsung Galaxy trade-in programme will assess your smartphone and provide you with trade-in credit that you may use solely on the Samsung website or Samsung Experience store to purchase a device. Smartwatches, mobile gadgets, tablets, and laptops are among the products that are eligible for trade-in.

There are a variety of trade-in programmes available. The Samsung trade-in programme, which may be completed in person at a Samsung experience store or online at the Samsung website, is the one we’re talking about.

How Does Samsung Trade in Work

You can trade in your old Samsung phone repair or tablet for credit toward the purchase of a new device through a Samsung trade-in programme. To be eligible for this programme, your device must fulfil Samsung’s specifications. Assurant, a Fortune 500 firm that provides a variety of services, including mobile device solutions, has teamed with Samsung. Assurant is in charge of all Samsung trade-ins.

6 Requirements for a Trade-in on Your Samsung Device

There are several standards that you, or your device, must meet in order for the Samsung trade-in programme to accept it.

Condition of Work

If your device doesn’t operate, you won’t be able to trade it in. This means that your gadget must be able to switch on, charge, and not turn off while in use.

Device Display

Your device’s LCD screen must be free of damage, including pixelation, black spots, and be fully functional.

Functionality of the Device

This refers to your device’s overall performance. Your device cannot have significant cracks, breaks, scratches, or dents, except from normal wear & tear. Water damage, damage to the charging port, SIM card tray, and/or the battery are all examples of this.

Possession of the Device

The Samsung trade-in programme disqualifies leased devices automatically. Your device must be paid in full. Please keep in mind that this only applies to leased devices.

Devices that have been blacklisted

If your gadget is on a banned list, it will not be eligible for a trade-in, much as leased devices.


An FCC ID number is a document that certifies that your gadget is legal to use in the United States. Your FCC ID number can be found in the battery pack at the rear of your gadget.

Trade-in for a Cracked Screen

Just because your device’s screen is cracked doesn’t mean it can’t be traded in. In fact, Samsung offers a unique trade-in programme for damaged screens. Your device will be approved at a reduced price if it fits the standards. The following conditions must be met:

  • An FCC ID is required.
  • Not on any blacklists
  • The factory reset has been finished.
  • Reset the software locking mechanism

Even if your gadget satisfies these basic specifications, it will be subjected to a second round of inspection once it arrives at the Samsung warehouse. Simply said, Samsung professionals will assess your smartphone to see if it satisfies their requirements.

How to Get Your Samsung Ready for a Trade-In

The next step will be to prepare your Samsung for a trade-in. This isn’t tough; in fact, you may have already come upon a number of these procedures by accident. It’s worth noting that you have 15 days from the time you acquire your new device to return your old one. Failure to do so will result in the trade-in amount being debited to your account. To prepare your device for a Samsung trade-in programme, follow these steps:

Removing Sim Cards and Memory Cards: You’ll need your old device’s sim card and memory card. As a result, you are free to remove it.

Backup Your Data: Backing up your photographs, music, and data isn’t required, but it can help you keep track of everything. Your data can be backed up to either your Samsung Cloud account or your Google account.

Do a Factory Reset: The final step in preparing your device for a reset is to perform a factory reset on it. It will appear as though your gadget is brand new once the process is completed.


We’ve spoken about how the Samsung swap works, but is it really worth it? You shouldn’t settle just because you understand how Samsung’s trade-in programme works. Do your homework and then go for something.