Different Tablecloth Fabrics – A Brief Guide for the Uninitiated

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Tablecloths are ubiquitous in every home, restaurant, and outdoor catering event. The main purpose is to protect the table from food and drink spills and add color and style to the occasion. You can choose different fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns depending on the occasion and your sense of aesthetics. With many different kinds of tablecloths available, it can be hard to choose one just right for the occasion. Some of the most popular types of fabrics used to manufacture tablecloths include:


Undoubtedly one of the most popular tablecloth fabrics, cotton tablecloths range from pristine white to a wide variety of colorful or subtle prints and embroideries. Being a natural fabric, maintenance of cotton tablecloths is easy. All you need to do is to machine wash them using warm water. If the tablecloth is white, you can use a little bleach to keep them looking new after ironing. If the fabric is colored, do conduct a patch test for colorfastness.


A timeless classic, linen is an elegant fabric that adds more than a dash of refinement to your table when you host a formal dinner for important guests or the family. Linen is more expensive than cotton because its longer fibers give it a better finish and durability. While a linen table cover adds a touch of distinction to your dining table with its richness and beauty, you need to take extra care to keep it looking good. The best way of doing this is to machine wash using a delicate setting with cold water and then iron it when a little damp.


A manmade fiber, polyester is extruded into fine strands that can easily imitate the texture of many natural fabrics but is more affordable. You can get a wide variety of polyester tablecloths in different colors, patterns, and textures that can lend an exquisite look to your table. If you don’t like the shiny look of polyester, you can opt for the more intricate weaves and patterns. One of the biggest advantages of polyester is that you can get rich vivid colors that do not fade even after long use. Taking care of polyester tablecloths is easy as the material is tough and machine washable.


Poly cotton fabric is typically a blend of cotton and polyester in equal proportions. It possesses the best qualities of both fabrics, according to Fiber2Fashion. While being tough and durable, the fabric is also absorbent like cotton. Colors adhere well to the material and do not fade even after repeated washes. You can get polycotton tablecloths in a large variety of colors, patterns, and weights, making them ideal for formal sit-down dinners as well as casual parties with family and friends. Poly cotton tablecloths are easy to maintain.


Using a tablecloth is one of the easiest ways of dressing up your dining and other tables in the house. Besides their functional attributes, they are a lovely way of adding welcoming warmth to your home and showing off your sense of refinement to your guests.