Best Twitter Widget Tools For Your Website

Twitter sets trends for social media as some of the most discussed topics and hashtags emerge from the platform. Users of the platform use the platform to voice their opinions and know what others have to say about the same.

The most interesting part about the platform is the character limit that the platform has of 280 characters. People are compelled to express their share of thoughts in the given frame, which is enough to drive the audience’s attention to the content.

Twitter imparts a rather massive impact on the minds of the users and hence marketers have come to the conclusion that adding a Twitter feed on the web pages is the ultimate strategy that they might want to explore more about.

But, to be able to do so without much of a hassle, you would need the help of Twitter widget tools that can seamlessly collect all the content generated on the platform, enable live updates and give you options to accentuate the look and feel of the unified feed.

Read more to know some of the best Twitter widget tools and the benefits of it for your website.

Top Twitter Widget Tools For Your Website

1.   Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the most ideal tool to help you create a responsive and quick Twitter widget and deliver a seamless user experience, increase their engagement, reduce the website’s bounce rate, and improve the brand’s awareness.

You can accelerate your website’s performance by following simple processes of collecting, curating, and publishing social feeds, UGC, hashtag campaigns, and reviews on your web pages.

Further, the tool also provides you with real-time updates on feeds to let you never miss out on any piece of content posted on Twitter by your users.

2.   Tagembed

Tagembed is an aggregator and display tool for Twitter that allows you to create beautiful Twitter walls by displaying feeds created by users of the platform.

If you want to display Twitter feeds as social evidence for your brand’s authenticity and credibility, it is one of the finest tools available in the market. As soon as users post content on the platform, Tagembed aggregates them in real-time and showcases them across your web pages. Keeping you and your audience completely updated.

Further, the tool also offers options to filter content and maintain the relevancy of the feeds, while also presenting forth amazing customization options.

Pro tip: If you want to aggregate content from other social media platforms other than Twitter, Tagembed got it for you!

3.   Juicer

Juicer offers solutions for you to create and display the Twitter feed widget on your website. Similar to Taggbox Widget, you can collect feeds from handles, hashtags, mentions, etc., moderate them to enhance the appropriateness of the feed, and make customizations to align your Twitter feed with the aesthetics of the brand and also enhance its appeal.

The widget offered by Juicer is auto-synced, which means that each time there is a new Tweet, it automatically appears on your website, enhancing the curiosity of the website’s visitors.

4.   Everwall

Everwall is yet again an amazing tool to curate and customize your Twitter widget before you embed it on your website.

Maintaining the quality of the content is of utmost importance as it is what makes all the difference. You can choose to hide or show the tweets on the display amongst other things.

It is an uncomplicated tool that eases the process of embedding. To display your wall using Everwall, all that you need to do is copy the embed code and paste it on the webpage where you want to showcase it.

Some features that this tool boasts are:

  • Monitoring flexibility
  • Filters for blocking specific words
  • Moderation feature
  • Real-time display

5.   Hootfeed

With Hootfeed, you can easily curate your Twitter widget and embed it on your website. The plugin comes with extraordinary designs and themes to personalize and curate responsive Twitter widgets.

Apart from this, you can also leverage the moderation feature to filter out unwanted Tweets and only present premium content on your Website.

Not just that, just like the other Twitter widget tools, you get the moderation feature to filter out the unwanted tweets and only present the premium content to your WordPress website audience.

6.   Twitter Self-embed

You can also embed Twitter feeds via the platform itself. You can display public tweets from any account on Twitter or show tweets from public lists.

On the top right corner of every post, you will notice three dots. Once you click on it, the option to embed will appear and a code will be generated.

Simply copy and paste this generated code on your website and voila, you are done.

Top Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feeds On The Website

1.   Builds Easy Trust

Embedding Twitter feeds is a fool-proof way to build the trust of the visitors to your website. When they come across real people creating real content speaking of your brand, their spark will get ignited, making your brand appear to be more credible and relatable.

Further, gaining trust is quintessential, especially in the digital format of business, because that is how the business would grow!

2.   Keeps The Visitors Engaged

When you display content generated on one of the sassiest and most dependable social media networks, fetching audience engagement gets rather easy!

Visitor engagement is also important as it helps in amping up the dwell time of your website and improving the search engine results too. Additionally, the more the visitors know about your brand, the better is your brand’s social standing.

3.   Enhances The Visual Appeal

Gone are the days when dull, information overload of websites did the trick. Now, to be able to attract audiences businesses need something more.

Adding the Twitter widget is the more. As it gets updated in real-time, has customized themes, and is bang-on with the content, all of which when clubbed enhances the visual appeal of your website.

Over To You

Embedding Twitter feeds on your website is a smart marketing strategy that more and more brands are opening up to. It not only engages the audience but also increases the credibility and reliability of your website. And now that you know the best tools to embed the content generated on the platform, what are you still waiting for?