3 Best Shopify Apps To Display Google Reviews on Shopify Store

Let’s start with a basic question –  while building a high-rise building, what is the basic need? – a strong foundation, right? Now, why do you need a strong foundation? –  So that construction remains strong and hence develops a name for itself. Well, the same analogy you can apply for your online business. Here building represents your brand or Estore, and a strong foundation represents customer trust.

So if you want to establish your brand and enhance its reputation in front of the audience, you need to develop strong customer trust, which can be achieved by being transparent and showing your potential customers everything about your brand, which also includes displaying your previous customer reviews. An experienced Shopify expert can be your best help in achieveing this goal.

So if you are having an online store and looking to establish your brand, then you have arrived at the right places. While talking about eCommerce and online stores, there is a high probability that you are using Shopify as it is trusted by more than 1,700,000 merchants worldwide. So here are some of the best Shopify apps that can help you to add reviews on the store.

You can easily find these apps on the Shopify App Store. These apps increase the visuals of your website and provide features that add functionality to your store.

Best Shopify Apps That Helps You To Show Customer Reviews

1. Tagembed

Tagembed has made a name for itself in the social media aggregator market and that is because of its budget-friendly prices and various features that add great value to the tool. It brings the same magic to its Shopify apps. The tool helps you in collecting various social feeds from various social media platforms, allowing you to curate and customise them before displaying them on your Shopify store. It provides a dedicated Google review widget that helps you to add Google reviews from your Google My Business account.

Talking about the feature provides you with the customization feature that helps you personalize the widget as per your style. Here you can change the font style, font size, and more to display your artistic side to your visitors. Also, it provides various themes and layouts –  you can opt for the best that suits the style of your store, it helps you to add some professionalism to your website and makes it pleasing to the eyes of your visitors.

You can even add an “Add Review” button on your Shopify store by using the custom CTA feature. It provides an easy way for your visitors/customers to write reviews for your brand. And we all know the impact of online reviews. And as there will be more reviews on your store, it helps you to develop more credibility for your store, and more people would be able to trust your brand. And as the app provides a responsive widget, which adjusts itself according to the size of the screen, hence people using any kind of device will be able to read those reviews and make their purchase decision.

2. Revit ‑ Google Reviews by We Do The Stuff

While being on the online store, you should always consider one equation: Google reviews = More Sales. And why do we say that? – Well, according to the reports from Bizrate Insights, 59% of consumers read Google reviews before making a purchase. Hence, it is important to have Google reviews and it is more important to show Google reviews, and this is where this app comes into play. The app provides you with the simple and easy integration that eventually displays Google reviews on your website. You don’t need any coding skills or knowledge to use the app to operate or run this app.

Moreover, the app also allows you to send emails to your customers, asking them for reviews. By gathering more reviews, you can enhance your brand’s reputation and convert your potential customers into your customers.

3. Google Reviews by Reputon

Reviews and testimony help the readers to know about the products in a better way, and hence they can make their purchase decision accordingly. With the help of this app, you can import Google reviews to your Shopify store.

The app provides three kinds of widget that helps you to show reviews on your website. These widgets are Compact Badge, Reviews List, and Google Testimonials Carousel, and each widget has its own functionality that helps to establish credibility for your store. Moreover, you don’t even require any coding skill or knowledge to run the app, making it one of the ideal review apps on the store.


Ecommerce and online shopping have witnessed huge growth in recent years because people are now more exposed to the internet and prefer comfort in buying online. Shopify has a wide range of templates and themes & plugins like shopify rss feed which helps you to create visually engaging platforms. Shopify Experts can also customize themes as per your brand requirements and increase user engagement rate. Hence, to develop credibility and survive in this competitive world, you need to add a review on your store to assist your potential customers in their purchase decision. Also, it helps you develop a brand reputation as your stores emerge as one of the stores that consider past customers’ reviews and have nothing to hide. So, if you have a Shopify store, you can use the apps mentioned above to build trust for your business.

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